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L1M3 ITOM Maturity Assessment Gain deeper insight into the current maturity status of your IT Operations Management (ITOM)

Benefit from gaining deeper insight into the current maturity status of your IT Operations Management

Loop1’s ITOM Maturity Assessment is designed to assess the current maturity of IT Operations Management within your organization. Clients who conduct an ITOM Maturity Assessment receive a personalized scorecard and roadmap to help drive maturity and deliver business value.

The assessment is performed in 3 stages

Stage 1 - engage

we get to know your teams and organizational structure

Stage 2 - identify

the tools currently being used by your teams across each technology layer

Stage 3 - score

assess the tools deployment and determine the L1M3 score

Loop1 model for monitoring and management maturity. Our detailed runbook of best practice for each technology layer serving all users and stakeholders.
ITOM Maturity ITSM

service management platforms including CMDB, asset management, ticketing, portals, and knowledge base

ITOM Maturity Applications

service catalogs, discrete client-server, SaaS, PaaS

ITOM Maturity Servers & Services

OS-level services and applications, containerized solutions, microservices

ITOM Maturity Database

instances and clusters, assessing load balancing, high-availability, failover

ITOM Maturity Virtualizon

clusters, hosts, guests, data stores, virtual networks and vSwitches

ITOM Maturity Storage

cloud instance, on-premise, objectbased, EFS

ITOM Maturity Network

IP networks, including bandwidth and traffic analysis

ITOM Maturity Security

security and compliance built-in across each tech layer of the L1M3 model

What we measure and score—the maturity assessment

Adoption & Enablement

Who are the key users, administrators, and owners? What dashboards do they have? How is the information used? How can we make it more accessible to more stakeholders?

Security & Compliance

Configuration security for audit, remediation, and change management. Operational security, and event-based monitoring with automated response and incident management.

Performance & Availability Metrics

Gathering the right metrics to ensure optimal user experience while also providing the right data for analytics.

Feature Complete

Begins with feature awareness. Do you know what your tools can do and are you using the features you want? Can you reduce costs by eliminating redundant tools?

Automation & Integration

Real AI for the rest of us. Experience building API-based integration for the most popular industry tools.

Database Analytics & Business Outcomes

Intelligent Dashboards, integrated solutions for data-driven business decisions that enable improved forecasting and business predictability.

Scoring the tools and processes—the L1M3 score

Working in partnership with your team, we will identify and summarize the currently deployed solutions, and the maturity of those solutions, versus best practices and desired outcomes using the L1M3 model.

ITOM Maturity Ad-Hoc

high-risk to the business due to lack of tools necessary to provide visibility for the IT stack

ITOM Maturity Fragmented

moderate risk with tools deployed for specific teams and applications leaving substantial high-risk gaps

ITOM Maturity Typical

tools often fall short of desired best practices, excessive alerts, lack of data correlation & analytics, ineffective remediation


tools well deployed, integrated & provide correlated data with shared visibility. Incident management largely automated, overall security & compliance objectives consistently met


tools extend well beyond basic monitoring to bring trusted data & analytics to deliver better business decisions

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