In response to the SUNBURST attack affecting the SolarWinds Orion Platform late in 2020, Loop1 has developed a new ‘Certified Secure Orion’ program for SolarWinds clients.
Are you confident your Orion Platform is secure?
  • Are you running the latest versions with the latest available security patches across all instances?
  • Is your environment set up according to SolarWinds documented best practices, i.e., is your Orion console accessible via the public internet?
  • Are your Microsoft Windows and Microsoft SQL Server(s) running with all available security patches?
Is your leadership looking for proof that your Orion platform is secure?
Certifed Secure Orion by Loop1 Badge
Certified Secure Orion
Sign up for Loop1's Certified Secure Orion assessment and receive a letter of certification

You will receive a letter signed by Bill Fitzpatrick (Loop1’s CEO) to confirm that your SolarWinds environment is configured and operating securely with Loop1’s stamp of approval.

As well as the peace of mind that your Orion Platform is validated against SolarWinds Best Practices for securing your deployment.

What does the Certified Secure Orion assessment cover?

We will audit and remediate (where change control permits and within the scope of the assessment) your Orion deployment against SolarWinds documented best practices, together with a whole number of our own—a total of 39 checkpoints—and certify your environment as secure at the time of audit.

Our Certified Secure Orion assessment will be conducted in collaboration with your team; of the 39 review points, eight of them will require consultation with your team. When we kick off the engagement, we’ll ask a series of questions from our Orion Secure checklist that only you’ll know about your environment. These checks form the basis for discussion when we present our final report. After this initial meeting, we will spend the remainder of our time reviewing your SolarWinds Platform to identify any evident security matters against our checklist.

Let Loop1 do the heavy lifting to secure your Orion environment, enabling your IT Pros to get on with the day job, or tackle larger, more complex projects that drive business value.

Download Example Report

Want to dive deeper into the health of your Orion Platform?

Book a SolarWinds Health Check—Powered by L1M3

Loop1’s SolarWinds Health Check provides a comprehensive, in-depth assessment of your environment to ensure your Orion Platform is configured to perform at optimum levels. A healthy platform that is fine-tuned, configured for your environment, up-to-date, feature-complete, and secure in delivery, is far better equipped to meet your IT Operations Management (ITOM) requirements—today, and in the future.

Our in-depth Health Check includes the ‘Orion Secure’ Certification, as well as our L1M3 ITOM Maturity Assessment, providing for a more comprehensive health & security validation, at a lower cost of service.

person near L1M3 monitor wearing loop1 tshirt

Why Loop1

At Loop1 we take our commitments to our clients seriously. We work hard to establish long-term relationships built on trust and a thorough understanding of our clients IT infrastructure, We developed L1M3 (Loop1 Monitoring Maturity Model ‘LIME’) as a direct response to working with our clients to mature their IT Operations—helping to shift their monitoring maturity from Ad-Hoc to Insightful.

Do you want to benefit from intelligent, mature ITOM solutions where data is informing forecasts and budgets, leading to positive impacts on financial outcomes, and enlightened long-term strategic planning?

Learn more about L1M3 and our Proactive Managed Services—we guarantee you’ll get more from your tools and your people.