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netTerrain Logical

netTerrain Logical Network documentation made easy

Network diagrams and mapping. IT inventory management. Circuit and cable traces. System and application views. Enterprise architecture. To gain insights and efficiently manage and document your network, these are some of the things that matter to you. Traditional drawing tools can be used to represent networks and represent your IT infrastructure, but only by hand. Monitoring tools discover the network, but often leave you with a partial view and poor visualization capabilities.

Because network engineers are visual people, netTerrain Logical gives you the best of both worlds:

detailed and flexible visualization, coupled with automated network mapping.

netTerrain Logical provides a centralized, multiuser, browser-based platform to visualize your networks, systems and applications. Easy-to-use navigation renders powerful hierarchical and subcomponent diagrams of your entire IT landscape. Gain greater visibility, control, and governance to improve capacity planning, reduce troubleshooting times, and optimize the documentation process for better compliance and improved overall service levels

Optimize your Network Mapping and Documentation without Breaking the Bank

Stop security breaches and data loss

  • Identify vulnerabilities: know what you have and where it is
  • Get equipment up-to-date with the latest security patches
  • Gain visibility of web-accessible systems

Visualize everything from one central place

  • Centralized, multi-user platform gives site-to-port visibility
  • Easy to access: 100% web-based
  • No plug-ins, no fat clients

Measure your ROI in months, not years

  • Get greater visibility, control, and governance
  • Improve capacity planning and energy consumption
  • Improve SLA’s with faster troubleshooting and less downtown

Reduce risks, ensure compliance

  • Proactively manage capacity and devices
  • Optimize the efficiency and availability of devices
  • Ensure data center standards & compliance

Troubleshoot faster; reduce downtime

When your network is down, your company suffers. A conservative estimate from Gartner places the average cost of network downtime at $42,000 per hour.

netTerrain, on average, reduces your time to troubleshoot by 10%. With netTerrain supporting your networks, you stand to stop 10% of the following losses:

  • Revenue
  • SLA penalties
  • Decreased productivity
  • Diminished customer reputation

Improve IT utilization and streamline capacity planning

  • Maximize your return on assets
  • Lower cost of units
  • Make informed capacity decisions
  • Justify the costs of additional capacity

netTerrain Logical Key Features

netTerrain Logical’s feature-rich, robust visualization capabilities provide a smarter way to gain IT insights so that you can make better decisions and deliver enhanced business value.

Robust discovery engine

  • Discover devices, ports and links
  • Automatically populate fields with data
  • We bring in any assets, ports, layer 3 links and much more using protocols such as SNMP or by tapping into your existing operational tools

Map VMs and application visualization

  • Create a myriad of diagram types that represent different aspects of the organization
  • Fully flexible catalog of nodes and links to help users create VM and application views

Physical and logical views

  • Get physical and logical views of your networks, systems and apps
  • User-friendly pictorial diagrams of your physical and logical views
  • No software needed for end-users to view netTerrain: the main netTerrain portal can be accessed through any modern browser

Cable and circuit management

  • Cable and circuits – from layer 0 to 7
  • Circuit layout records offer end-to-end tracing
  • Color code cables based on your own criteria
  • Import all cables from a spreadsheet, database, or external system

Inventory and asset management

  • Inventory and Asset management for any IT and non-IT elements
  • Model each object in detailed fashion, using custom properties and hierarchies
  • Automate and simplify the management and visualization of your IT components, links and their relationships within networks

Connect to 3rd party data

  • Importing information into netTerrain is easy
  • Microsoft Visio and netViz import buttons
  • Excel spreadsheet import capabilities
  • Database connection import utility to capture data from network management, asset management or any other third-party homegrown repository

Capacity planning dashboard

  • Full dashboard and reporting engine for capacity planning and forecasting
  • Easily access pre-defined reports
  • Business intelligence design tool for customization

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