Network Configuration Management Compliance Public Training Class

This 2 (half) days class takes an in-depth look at NCM Compliance.

Take a deep dive into SolarWinds Network Configuration Manager (NCM) to learn more about some of its advanced features and capabilities. This training covers topics such as Configuration Management (manual / automatic), Inventory Management, and DISA STIG compliance. DISA is the Defense Information Systems Agency with the DoD and they provide the technical guide for all US Defense organizations called Security Technical Implementation Guide.

Class Content Node Discovery, violation levels and compliance dasboarding

Node Discovery
  • Review Node Discovery
Custom properties
NCM Credentials
Device templates
Violation levels
  • Global device configuration management
  • Script management
  • Configuration templates
Compliance dashboard

Configuration of rules, troubleshooting

  • Understanding compliance configuration rules, polices and reports
    • Standard rules with NCM
    • Import/export rules and new rules
  • Configuration of rules, policies, and reports to audit a Layer 2 Switch
  • Techniques to defend an SAV or CCRI
  • Fundamentals of troubleshooting NCM

VLANs, Ports and Inventory

  • Mitigate VLAN based STIGs for a layer 2 switch
Port Management
  • Mitigate Switch Interface based STIGs for a layer 2 switch
  • Inventory Management from an organizational and compliance perspective

Meet the Instructor

Bill Fitzpatrick Chief Executive Officer Loop1
Bill Fitzpatrick

As a founding member of Loop1 and current Chairman and CEO, Bill has recently stepped back into the classroom to lead the SolarWinds training practice he established some ten years ago at Loop1. A natural instructor and self-proclaimed geek at heart, Bill has a passion for helping others with technology, and in particular, for translating technical concepts into plain English. He started his career as a network engineer and has been working with SolarWinds tools since 2000. He currently holds 5 SolarWinds Certified Professional (SCP) certifications (NPM, NCM, NTA, SAM, and A&D).

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