SolarWinds Certified Professional Exam Prep Public Training Class

Becoming a SolarWinds Certified Professional (SCP) ensures that you have the technical expertise to effectively use and maintain SolarWinds network and systems management products.

Loop1 provides a range of dedicated classes to help IT professionals prepare for the SolarWinds® Certified Professional (SCP) exams. Ensure you have the skills needed to effectively manage network, systems and applications, and/or security and compliance issues in your SolarWinds environment.

As one of SolarWinds preferred training partners, Loop1 offers a comprehensive training program for the SCP certification. Loop1 partnered with SolarWinds on the SCP beta-testing program, and we have mapped our training syllabus directly to the new exams.

Loop1’s training includes preparation for all SolarWinds SCP exams that are publicly available: Network Performance Monitor (NPM), Server & Application Monitor (SAM), NetFlow Traffic Analyzer (NTA), Access Rights Manager, and  Network Configuration Manager (NCM) Once you have completed Loop1’s SCP certification training, you will be well prepared to take the exams.

Passing the SCP exams will place you in the upper echelon of IT professionals who are experts in SolarWinds. With this certification, you earn the distinction of exclusive training, invitations to live events and access to advanced training through SolarWinds.

Meet the Instructor

Bill Fitzpatrick Chief Executive Officer Loop1
Bill Fitzpatrick

As a founding member of Loop1 and current Chairman and CEO, Bill has recently stepped back into the classroom to lead the SolarWinds training practice he established some ten years ago at Loop1. A natural instructor and self-proclaimed geek at heart, Bill has a passion for helping others with technology, and in particular, for translating technical concepts into plain English. He started his career as a network engineer and has been working with SolarWinds tools since 2000. He currently holds 5 SolarWinds Certified Professional (SCP) certifications (NPM, NCM, NTA, SAM, and A&D).

Marcus Jacomb

Marcus Jacomb is a Field Systems Engineer at Loop1 in Cork, Ireland—providing remote and onsite support consultancy across all SolarWinds IT network management and monitoring tools. He has a vast amount of experience in working with clients of varying sizes and across a range of industry sectors, assisting with their SolarWinds deployments. This includes installation services, configuration, consulting, troubleshooting, system design, support, and training provision.

Marcus is an enthusiastic, outgoing, self-driven and professional individual who thrives on new, exciting challenges and hard work. He has achieved all available SolarWinds certifications and plans to continue to learn and certify as new exams become available.

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