SolarWinds Web Help Desk 2 (Half) Day Virtual Training

SolarWinds Web Help Desk virtual training provides attendees with 2 (half) days of training from the comfort of their own desk.

The Web Help Desk virtual training class will provide an introduction to the IT Service Management tool and will also deep dive into many of the complex functionalities. The class will review important features, share best practices and highlight a number of advanced capabilities. Additionally, time will be spent reviewing integrations with other platforms and products, such as SolarWinds Orion and Dameware MRC. The Web Help Desk class will be led by a SolarWinds Certified Professional with many years of experience in the field.

Day 1 Installation and Basic Configuration

Installation of WHD
  • Architecture options for WHD platform and database
Authentication Settings
SMTP Settings
Integration options with SolarWinds Orion and Dameware MRC
Email Templates
Client Accounts
  • Options and Admin Roles
Data Import Options
Ticket Options
  • Request Types
  • Status Types
  • Priority Types
  • Custom Ticket Fields
Tech Accounts and Permissions
  • Tech Groups
Locations and Departments
  • Custom Fields

Day 2 Advanced Configuration

Ticket Routing
Approval Roles
  • Creating and Managing a Change Advisory Board (CAB)
Action Rules
Creating and Managing Assets
Creating and Managing Parts and Billing options
Client Surveys
Knowledge Base

Meet the Instructor

Jeff Stinson
Jeff Stinson

Jeff Stinson has worked at Loop1 for over five years. He is a delivery architect for our Managed Services team. During his time at Loop1, Jeff has worked with hundreds of clients designing, configuring, and teaching them how to use their SolarWinds products. He holds SCPs in NPM, SAM, NTA, NCM, and A&D. Jeff is the lead engineer for SolarWinds Web Help Desk and ITSM tools. With more than 15 years of IT experience, Jeff partners with clients to make sure they get the most out of their SolarWinds environment.

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