Gain insight into the health, performance, and scalability of your Orion platform

SolarWinds provides best-in-class, feature-rich IT monitoring and management tools that operate efficiently when first installed. However, as with all systems over time, organic growth and additional feature implementation can heavily impact performance. Couple that with the fact that most organizations only use around 35% of the available features, and it’s easy to see how an organization can quickly stop realizing the true value from their investment in SolarWinds.

Are you drowning in alerts?

Alerting is a keystone of monitoring infrastructure and an infamously difficult thing to do well. When it goes wrong, it can profoundly negatively impact the productivity and happiness of the engineers who rely on it. Faced with a mountain of alerts, how will they know which ones are critical versus which can be tackled later? Too much noise and a lack of priority or urgency may make IT less effective, efficient, and more costly.

Are you making use of all the available features?

Here at Loop1, as part of our L1M3 (Loop1 Monitoring Maturity Model ‘LIME’) methodology, we term this as being ‘Feature Complete’—or perhaps more precisely, ‘Feature Aware’. Are you aware of all the available features and functionality in the SolarWinds Orion tools you currently have deployed in your environment? If not, you could be missing out on powerful functionality and insights that help drive value and maximize the potential for ROI.

Loop1 can help you reduce noise, and define your alerting strategy, identify hardware, server, or performance problems, identify gaps in your tool and feature deployment, and understand the bigger picture to plan for what’s next.

Based on key data points and recommended best practices, Loop1 will:

The Assessment

One of Loop1’s SCP-certified engineers will assess your Orion deployment leveraging the power of Orion Insights, alongside SolarWinds diagnostics tools, and undertaking a hands-on review with your technical team. The evaluation starts with a review of the underlying architecture, including server resources, system, and database health, versioning, and licensing, before turning to the number of alerts and alert definitions, polling and data retention, core feature usage, and scalability. The final stage looks more deeply into the health and performance of the individual Orion modules deployed in your environment.

A follow-up session is set up to present the report card and recommended action plan for improvements and enhancements to your environment. The report provides a high-level overview with an easy-to-navigate traffic light system to denote priority for recommended remediation actions.


Fix immediately—these items are likely to have a significant impact on the effectiveness and efficiency of your SolarWinds Orion platform if left unchecked.


Not as critical—however, we
recommend you address these items in the short to medium term to get the most benefit from your Orion platform and negate any resultant platform downtime


Future proof your Orion
Platform—long term recommended improvements and enhancements to help
move your ITOM monitoring maturity from Ad-hoc to Insightful

Learn about Proactive L1M3 Services

Book your Loop1 Rapid Report Card session for free and without obligation. See what's included with our detailed Health Check.

Loop1’s SolarWinds Rapid Report Card assessment provides rapid insight and clear recommendations that can unlock the full potential of your SolarWinds Orion platform:

Identify critical alerts with threshold tuning, dependencies, and groupings

A free 2-hour engagement will yield massive results.

Avoid over-monitoring and ‘alert fatigue’

Eliminate false positives and wasting time chasing shadows

You get to keep the report and our detailed recommendations. That said, Loop1 would love to continue to work with your team to mature your IT Operations Management strategy. We can provide the resources and expertise you may require to remediate any issues identified via the assessment and assist with new builds, rebuilds, upgrades, migrations, and so much more. Learn more about our SolarWinds Services.

All for free and with no obligation See what's included with our detailed Health Check.

Gain insight into the health, performance, and scalability of your
Orion platform—for free