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Migrate your on-prem SolarWinds monitoring platform
to the cloud with  Hosted Orion from Loop1

Let Loop1 take care of the hosting and day-to-day management of your Orion Platform, freeing up your IT pros to tackle larger, more complex projects that drive business value. Benefit from all the powerful insight delivered by your SolarWinds Orion platform, but without the headache and hassle of maintaining the hardware infrastructure on-prem.

IDC predicts that by the end of 2021, 80% of enterprises globally will put a mechanism in place to shift to cloud-centric infrastructure and applications.

Source: IDC Technology Spotlight, November 2021 ‘Delivering on the Promise of Modern Cloud Economics’

Don’t worry about installing SolarWinds updates and hotfixes; Loop1 will take of it

Drowning in alerts? Loop1 can reduce the noise and define your alerting strategy for you

Stop wasting time troubleshooting when things go wrong; let our engineering team take care of that for you

Let Loop1 take care of the SolarWinds licensing, including managing your annual renewals
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Loop1 Hosted Orion Service Options

Are you interested in migrating your SolarWinds Orion Platform to the cloud, but unsure where to start? Are you tired of taking care of the day-to-day management of Orion, or simply just don’t have the time or resources? Not sure which cloud platform to go with, and need help evaluating the options? Maybe you are already running some applications in the cloud and would prefer to continue to work with your preferred cloud platform vendor.

Whichever of these best reflects your current situation, Loop1 can help. From a lighter touch with Hosted Orion to complete management with SolarWinds as a Service—Loop1 can help you migrate your SolarWinds monitoring platform to the cloud.

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Hosted Orion
Loop1 preferred cloud platform OR
client preferred cloud platform

We take care of the hosting, you continue
to manage the day-to-day management of
your SolarWinds Orion Platform.

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SolarWinds as a Service
full hosting and management of your
SolarWinds Orion Platform

We take care of the hosting and all tasks
around the ongoing management of your
SolarWinds Orion Platform.

We’re cloud platform vendor agnostic
Our preferred cloud platform is Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI); in our experience, it’s the most flexible and cost-effective option. However, we are happy to work with your preferred cloud platform vendor or advise on the available options to best meet your requirements.

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Enabling secure, insightful management and
observability of your IT investments


Loop1 has a team of globally distributed engineers performing
24x7x365 observability and management of our clients’ environments
to deliver our Proactive L1M3 Services and Hosted Orion.


To facilitate this, we require a secure persistent connection through a
single-entry point designed to scale economically without security
compromise or impacting our ability to execute against our contractual
obligations. To achieve this, we have developed a cloud-hosted Secure
Network Operations Center (NOC) where our engineers connect to our
clients through a gated, hyper-secure cloud network infrastructure.


Want to migrate your SolarWinds Orion Platform to the cloud? Get in touch today to learn more about Hosted Orion and SolarWinds as a Service.