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Value-Add Renewals Save time, money, and gain added value by managing your SolarWinds license renewals with Loop1

Why renew with Loop1

Your IT environment is constantly changing—new devices, new challenges—benefit from SolarWinds frequent product release updates to ensure you stay on top of IT. Renewing maintenance is far less expensive than purchasing a new license after your maintenance has expired.

SolarWinds licensed products include a year of maintenance from the date of purchase. Annual maintenance provides tremendous ongoing value at a small fraction of the list price. We recommend that you renew your product maintenance prior to the expiration date to ensure that you continue to have access to product updates, technical support and so much more.

Loop1 has a dedicated global licensing renewals team with more than a decade of experience in managing maintenance renewals for SolarWinds IT monitoring and management products. As a leading global Partner and Authorized Reseller of SolarWinds, Loop1 are able to leverage our strong partnership to offer significant enhanced value for your SolarWinds renewals.

Select the support package that’s right for you

We offer a number of SolarWinds support package options designed to meet the varying needs of our clients. All options add significant value to your SolarWinds license renewal.

Loop1 Value-Add Renewals
Standard Enhanced
Version Upgrades, Customer Success Center, SolarWinds Academy Included with SolarWinds Maintenance Renewal
24×7 Loop1 Break-Fix Support
Loop1-assisted support for SolarWinds break-fix issues
24×7 Loop1 Enhanced Support
In-depth support for any SolarWinds product questions with a Loop1 SCP engineer via Webex
Included Hours*
Loop1 Rapid Report Card—powered by Orion© Insights
2-hour installation review with recommendations
Loop1 Orion© Health Check
Complete environment review with detailed recommendations
Additional Fee
Loop1 ITOM Maturity Assessment & L1M3 Roadmap
Receive a personalized maturity scorecard & L1M3 roadmap to drive maturity and deliver business value
Additional Fee
Loop1 Classroom Training Seats
Comprehensive Global program of SolarWinds classes delivered by a Loop1 SCP instructor
Additional Fee Included Seats*
SolarWinds Version Upgrades
Keep your SolarWinds environment up-to-date with assistance from Loop1
Additional Fee As Qualified
Loop1 Annual SolarWinds Licensing Review
With a dedicated Loop1 Account Manager and Licensing Renewals Team
SolarWinds Premier Support Optional Optional
SolarWinds SmartStart Available Available
*Number of included hours/seats depends on license renewal – full details will be provided upon quotation
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Cost-Only Renewals
Where no value-add required—contact our renewals team for the most competitive price on your SolarWinds license renewal.

Gain value on your SolarWinds license renewals with Loop1

Rapid Report Card—powered by Orion Insights

Loop1’s 2-hour Rapid Report Card assessment provides insight and clear recommendations that can unlock the full potential of your SolarWinds Orion platform:

  • Avoid over-monitoring and ‘alert fatigue’
  • Eliminate false positives and wasting time chasing shadows
  • Identify critical alerts with threshold tuning, dependencies, and groupings

Loop1 can rapidly help you identify areas for potential improvement and provide a clear and comprehensive report outlining what we have discovered, why it has occurred, and what remedial action we recommend taking.

ITOM Maturity Assessment & L1M3 (LIME) Roadmap

Loop1’s ITOM Maturity Assessment is designed to assess the current maturity of IT Operations Management within your organization. Clients who conduct an ITOM Maturity Assessment receive a personalized scorecard and roadmap to help drive maturity and deliver business value. Working in partnership with your team, we identify and summarize the currently deployed solutions and the maturity of those solutions, versus best practices and desired outcomes using the L1M3 model—Loop1 model for monitoring and management maturity; our detailed runbook of best practice for each technology layer serving all users and stakeholders.

Health Checks

Loop1’s detailed Health Check report addresses your license needs, installed base, current usage, gaps, any underutilized systems and potential redundancy, all with an eye on driving value. We often find features and functions that are never fully enabled and organizations therefore leave real value on the table. We can enable some of those redundant features simply at the flick of a switch, making sure you get the full value from your investment. Network maps, path analysis, software versions, firmware, end of life support dates… it’s all at your fingertips, if you know where to look.

Public Training

Loop1 offers public training classes focused on the SolarWinds portfolio of products—in particular, the Orion Platform. Classes cover the core modules, and range from fundamental level, through intermediate, to advanced. Learn about your SolarWinds Orion product deployment, configuration, and more in a comfortable classroom environment or attend one of our instructor-led virtual classes.

Our Licensing Renewals Experts are here to help you find the right solution

Synchronize Maintenance Renewal Dates for Multiple Products

Have you purchased more than one SolarWinds product? Tracking multiple renewal dates can be a hassle but now you can simplify the renewal process by synchronizing, or “co-terming”, all your SolarWinds renewal dates. Co-terming enables you to select a single renewal date for all products. It’s a quick process that makes it easy to keep your SolarWinds products up-to-date! Loop1 can also help you consolidate multiple accounts you may have under one SWID#.

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Our experienced licensing renewals team can transform the way you procure and manage your IT assets. We are dedicated to managing the entire process for you and making sure you get the best deal on your renewal, saving you time, money and resources.

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