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SOLARWINDS SERVICE DESK A modern IT Service Management (ITSM) solution to
eliminate barriers to employee support services

The ITSM platform built for comprehensive service beyond IT tickets

SolarWinds Service Desk is a cloud-based service management solution built to streamline the way you provide support and deliver services to your organization. Whether you have a small IT operation with basic IT ticketing needs or a large enterprise with a complex IT infrastructure and mature processes, SolarWinds Service Desk is designed to meet your current needs with the flexibility to scale and support your future business requirements.

Key Features

Incident management consolidates, manages, and prioritizes incoming tickets.
Service catalog standardizes service request and fulfilment processes.
Fully integrated IT asset management compiles hardware, software, POs, and more.
Service portal for users to have a single place to submit tickets and requests.

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Per month, per agent, supports unlimited users.



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For Smaller Teams

Per month, per agent, supports unlimited users.
0.10/month per device.

Fully Functional for 30 Days


Incident Management

Service Portal

Unlimited Requestors


For Growing Teams

Per month, per agent, supports unlimited users.
0.30/month per device.

Fully Functional for 30 Days

Team Benefits+

Service Catalog

Change Management

Service Level Agreement


Custom Roles


Real Time 24/7 Live Chat Support


For Full Customizability

Per month, per agent, supports unlimited users.
0.30/month per device.

Fully Functional for 30 Days

Team & Business Benefits+

Custom Fields and Forms

Advanced Automations

Network Discovery

Contract Management

License Compliance

Scheduled Reports

API Access

Chat, Phone, and Email Support from
a Customer Success Team


For Full Customizability

Per month, per agent, supports unlimited users.
0.30/month per device.

Fully Functional for 30 Days

Professional Benefits+

Visual CMDB and Dependency

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

Onboarding Services Included

Up to 1,500 API Calls Per User Per Min

SolarWinds Service Desk
Supported Browser Versions* Google Chrome
Mozilla Firefox
Internet Explorer (Version 11 or Newer)

*Tested browsers listed. If your browser is not listed, please get in touch to check if your browser is compatible.

Find the best solution for your organization Compare Service Desk plan features

Customer Success and Support

We are serious about your success. From live support and community engagement to a dedicated success rep, you will never be totally on your own. The SolarWinds Service Desk team and community members will oversee and help you coordinate your implementation and on-boarding procedures.

Included Team Business Professional Enterprise

Community Support

Includes support from the Service Desk Community, available online 24×7, 365 days a year.

Email Support

Includes support via email from Service Desk, available 24×7, 365 days a year.

Chat Support

Includes online chat support with Service Desk, available 24×7, 365 days a year.

Phone Support

Includes phone support with Service Desk, available 24×7, 365 days a year.

Dedicated Service Success Representatives

A Customer Success Manager (CSM) from Service Desk is available to answer any question you and your company have about using the solution.
Included with at least 5 Agent licenses

Onboarding Services

Speed your time-to-value with on-boarding services from Loop1, designed to help you and your team get up and running.
Optional Optional Optional Optional

Integration Services

Connect Service Desk with other applications and support your existing processes with our integration services.
Optional Optional Optional

Service Management

We empower service desks big and small through agile, scalable, and automated service management solutions. Service Desk gives users the ability to submit tickets in multiple ways, allowing you to monitor escalations, manage tasks, track, and measure successes, and unite your end users under one solution.

Included Team Business Professional Enterprise

Incident Management

Manage unplanned interruptions or reduction in the quality for your services.

Knowledge Base

Leverage a store of information or data to draw upon that is available to everyone in your company to help them answer questions quickly.

Service portal

Provides agents with a single portal to aggregate and organize all their work.

Satisfaction Surveys

Deploy surveys to your users to measure and manage customer satisfaction needs and goals.

Real-Time Agent Feedback

Agents can see who is typing a new comment, who else is viewing the same case record, get instant notifications on incoming updates, and more.

Advanced Collaboration Tools

Work as a team to solve complex or unique problems. Multiple users can update the same case records at the same time and use a chatter tool to share information quickly and efficiently. Get notifications on changes to a case record that happen while an agent is working on it.

People Shared Services Ready

Extends Service Desk capabilities beyond support for IT, enabling all departments to deploy service catalogs and automation without having your IT teams support custom code or learn yet another user paradigm with its own set of security and access control privileges headaches.

Advanced Approval Workflow

Automatic triggering, routing, and actions. Provide all information necessary for approval in context. Define multiple approval steps with dependencies. Route approvals to users, queues, or roles. Update records based on progress of approval process.

Service Catalog

Present users with a catalog of available services that they can select from, including those from IT or from any other function in your company (e.g., HR, Facilities, Legal).

Service Request

Capture all requests for services – and all relevant details – in a single portal that can be deployed across your organization using automated workflows.

Problem Management

Prevent problems and resulting incidents from happening, eliminate recurring incidents, and minimize the impact of incidents that cannot be prevented.

Release Management

Manage, plan, schedule, and control all your releases through different stages and environments.

Service Level Agreement/Business Hours

Improve response and service quality by incorporating service level agreements (SLA) and managing work based on your organization’s business hours.

Change Management—Requests & Approvals

Ensure that standardized methods and procedures are being used for efficient handling of all changes, helping to minimize the number and impact of any related incidents on services.
Change Templates & Workflows
Service Portal Tasks & Approvals


Streamline processes and gain efficiencies by automating manual and/or repetitive steps.


Measure and manage against your peers through our unique benchmarking capability, giving you insights at-a-glance to how other organizations are performing relative to key performance indicators (KPI).

IT Asset Management (ITAM)

We make it easy to control your technology landscape. From the number of tickets to any relevant devices and documentation, through user-friendly and reliable IT asset management solutions that ensure software compliance and heighten security, while minimizing costs.

Included Team Business Professional Enterprise


Organize and track hardware and software assets in a single repository that can be used across your organization.

Mobile Devices

Manage your mobile device inventory – including company issued and BYOD – in a single place, track how it’s used, and who is using it at any time. Includes Android & iOS.

Map/Geographic Location

Quickly understand where your assets are located to ensure compliance, completeness of tracking, and control cost measures.

QR/Bar Codes

Generate unique barcodes and QR codes for each asset so you can scan the asset code with your mobile device and see asset details on the spot.

Warranty Information

Keep your records up to date by automatically pulling hardware warranty information from hardware manufacturers, including Dell and Lenovo.

Purchase Order (PO) Management

Keep track of your purchases and payments made against each contract, store terms, quantities, and original purchase records.

Contract Management

Organize contracts and avoid lease expirations by keeping track of renewal dates, agreement terms, and proof-of-purchase records.

Risk Management

Continuously scan the data you have stored in Service Desk to identify problematic patterns so you can take the appropriate action.

License Compliance

Automatically store and retrieve licenses, helping you maintain proof of license ownership and easily demonstrate license compliance in audits and reviews.

Configuration Management Database (CMDB)

We give you transparency into your assets and the relationships and interdependencies between them. Service Desk gives you a data warehouse for IT installations that is critical in achieving IT governance, risk management, and service delivery objectives.

Included Team Business Professional Enterprise


With Service Desk, you can easily create relationships between your assets (CIs) in multiple places for a robust CMDB. Create relationships between CIs to CIs and between CIs and Incidents, Problems or Changes in your service desk.


The entire relationship between your users, assets, and the business you provide is at your fingertips. CIs can be attached to every incident, problem, or change so you can get a complete view of the related configuration items.
Visual Mapping
Automatic Dependency Mapping


Convenience is key to user adoption across your organization, which is why the details are most important to our solution. With access to Service Desk at your fingertips through the mobile application to over 200 integrations, Service Desk can be customized to meet your specific needs.

Included Team Business Professional Enterprise


Real-time dashboards help you discover important patterns and trends that impact service quality and the performance of your technology environments.

Reporting & Dashboards

Provide robust and flexible reporting that keeps you on top of your IT environment. Easily produce reports of the data you need, at the frequency you want.


Enhance your service desk and asset management solution by integrating with over 200 cloud applications.

Data Import/Export

Service Desk lets you export reports or views in the system to PDF, CSV or HTML files as well as import data from other systems.

Mobile Apps

Service Desk Mobile is designed for your mobile browser and requires no application installation.

Portal Customization

Cut workload and service delivery time by providing an integrated service portal to your customers that can be customized to your needs.
Only includes the ability to change Name and Logo.


Define the sites’ location, description, time zone and business hours to gain greater control and support for your needs on a “per site” basis.


You can organize your Service Desk experience by department, including location, description, time zone and business hours information.


Groups give you greater flexibility and control. Simply create a name, a description and then add users to it. This is especially useful for managing service needs by group.

Customize Incident Lifecycle

Customize and create new states within the Incident Lifecycle to better map to your process.


Service Desk supports more than forty languages to help support you and your teams wherever they work.

Customize Fields/Form

Create forms and associate a form with a module, such as incidents. Each form can be defined with its own set of fields using drag & drop.

Scheduled Reports

Produce reports of the data and information you need, at the frequency you want.

Offline Data Backup

Get a backup of your data sent to your email on a weekly basis.

Customize Email Templates

Customize emails to your organization’s needs, showing your logos, messaging, and guidance to everyone involved in service management.


As your organization scales, the needs of your team members will evolve. We provide you with multiple options for bringing users into your Service Desk platform and give you the opportunity to customize their access and approval levels.

Included Team Business Professional Enterprise


An agent is any individual in the company who: owns an incident, fulfills a service request, defines SLAs, documents problems, tracks and manages hardware assets, among many other related tasks.


A requester can submit incidents or request services from any part of the organization where Service Desk is being used.


An administrator is responsible for managing all aspects of the Service Desk solution, from initial setup through ongoing alignment to your organization’s needs.


We give you the options to ensure that your information is protected through necessary security measures that allow you to create a backlog of data and always have that information on hand when it’s needed the most.

Included Team Business Professional Enterprise

EU-US Privacy Shield

Service Desk has been certified by the US-EU Privacy Shield Framework for being in compliance with EU data protection requirements when transferring personal data from the European Union to the United States in support of transatlantic commerce.

Single Sign On (SSO)

Service Desk Single Sign On integration with Google relies on the ability to access Google’s Google+ API. Additionally, Service Desk supports SAML based integration with leading providers such as OneLogin, Okta and Centrify.


In 2014, Service Desk announced its ability to support the HIPAA and HITECH regulations, as well as the ability to sign HIPAA Business Associate Agreements (BAAs) with customers. Service Desk is one of the few cloud-based application providers that signs HIPAA Business Associate Agreements (BAAs), demonstrating our ongoing investment in enterprise security, compliance, and control for our customers.

API Access

Providing programmatic API access to Service Desk data and features in order to connect to 3rd party apps.
Up to 1,000 API calls per user per minute.
Up to 1,500 API calls per user per minute.

Domain Mapping

Setup an easy-to-remember mapping on one or more of your domains to your Service Desk Portal.

Audit History

Maintain a detailed audit trail for objects managed in Service Desk (incident, assets, etc.). The audit history provides detailed access to all this historical data.

Login & Email Audits

View your account’s login history and export in various formats for use in external applications. The list of entries can also be filtered and reported on.
Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

Complete Service Desk Functionality

Users love it because they
have that interaction as opposed to
emailing into the black hole. They
use the service catalog to give us all
the information we need. No back
and forth. Job done.
Happy days.

                  — ITSM Systems Administrator,
Finance Industry

Key Benefits

Cloud-based: immediate access, rapid deployment
Enjoy the quickest path to value with non-existent installation, zero upgrade costs (ever), and absolutely no hardware or software requirements.

Simple & easy to use
SolarWinds Service desk automates tasks wherever possible and reduces workload, effort and time required for managing IT services and assets.

Modern technology & design
SolarWinds Service Desk is a modern IT service desk, built using the most advanced and agile technology available today. The key design principle is focused on an efficient, value-driven user experience.

Saves you time and money
Processes take less time to define, tickets take less time and effort to resolve and organized information helps you to budget and plan ahead. Also, with an all-inclusive pricing plan, you only pay for the licenses you need: no hidden or added costs.

SolarWinds IT Service Management software options From on-premises IT ticketing support to SaaS-based ITIL-ready service management, SolarWinds has an ITSM product to meet almost anyone's needs.

Compare SolarWinds Web Help Desk and Service Desk to find the right fit for you.

Web Help Desk
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Service Desk
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Deployment model On-premises SaaS
Integration with SolarWinds Dameware Remote Support
Integration with SolarWinds Dameware Remote Everywhere
3rd party integrations
IT ticketing
IT asset inventory
Vendor management
Contract management
PO management
Knowledge base
Change management
Service portals
AD & LDAP integration
FIPS 140-2 compatible
Time & billings management Partial
Task-based workflow manager
Custom reporting
Service catalog
Release management
Smarts suggestions based on machine learning
ITIL pink verify certified
Localization into multiple languages

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