Environment Configuration / Access

Client must provide the following for installation and application administration
SolarWinds Software License and Portal AccessValid software key for SolarWinds Products has been purchased and is accessible. SolarWinds server has direct access to the internet and desktop access or Remote Desktop to the SolarWinds server is provided. If no direct internet access is available an alternative method for transferring license activation files is available.ALL
SolarWinds Application AccessSolarWinds Admin Level Account ALL
SolarWinds Server AccessRDP session to the SolarWinds Application server(s), and a local administrator account.ALL
SolarWinds Server AccessIf this is a remote engagement the Loop1 Systems engineer will need VPN access to the client’s environment unless access can be established via the remote meeting session. Client should be available as needed during the engagement to facilitate any access needs for the scope of work to be completed within the scheduled time.ALL
Email AlertingIf email based alert actions are wanted, the Orion server(s) must be given permissions within the client’s Exchange server or other email relay.ALL
SolarWinds DB Server AccessRDP session to the MS SQL server where the Orion database resides

Provide access to the SQL application to analyze the state of the Orion database via SQL Server Manager Studio with SA rights
NMS Authentication for InstallationProvide a local account with local admin rights to the SolarWinds Application servers for installation of the applicationNPM, NTA, NCM, SAM, IPAM, VNQM, WPM, UDT
Orion and SAM Service AccountsWMI credentials are available for Windows-based nodes to be monitored via WMI – Windows service acct with permissions to access WMI and Perfmon.

Any necessary credentials (SQL, Oracle, SSH, WMI, RPC) for Server & Application Monitor (SAM) are created and available.

NetFlowCLI credentials for NetFlow configuration, or NetFlow should be configured to export to the application server IP using port 2055 prior.NTA
NetFlow Export to Host IPNetFlow: Devices that export NetFlow should be configured to export to the designated data collector IP Address. The default port is 2055, but this can be configured globally.NTA
NMS Authentication for SNMP & WMINodes to be monitored must be SNMP enabled and valid SNMP Read Community Strings for those devices are available.

All ACLs/Firewalls must have the proper rules in place to allow Orion access to poll devices via SNMP/ICMP/WMI (where applicable)
UDT Service AccountFor UDT if you want to track user logins we must have a service account with Event LogReader permission privileges on the domain controllersUDT
VNQM Service AccountFor the Cisco CallManager servers please provide an account with AXL permissionsVNQM
VNQM Service AccountFor records (CDR/CMR) an account with read/write/modify access to the FTP server where the records are stored is requiredVNQM
VNQM / IPSLACLI Credentials and RW community strings for IPSLA capable devices.VNQM
Device Authentication Device CLI credentials are available (SSH/Telnet) for Network Configuration Manager (NCM)NCM, Kiwi CatTools
SSL Cert. & Local Admin Account Serv-U
Install WPMAdministrator access to the Orion NPM Servers and to the Orion system. RDP Access. WPM
Install WPM Recorder/PlayerAdministrator access for the designated record/playback host machine. Accounts must have access to the remote administrator share. Update root certificates. UAC must be disabled, or the built in Administrator account must be used for the deployment. RDP Access.WPM
Remote Player Port RequirementsTCP Ports: 135, 445, 17777, 17781WPM
Install Database Performance AnalyzerLocal administrator access on the DPA server and SA rights on the DPA Repository serverDPA
DPA Port RequirementsTCP 1433(MS SQL) OR TCP 1521(Oracle) open between DPA application server and DPA Repository server. Communication ports (typically 1433 & 1521, but can vary based on environment configuration) open between DPA Application Server and target database serversDPA
DPA database service account requirementsMS SQL – SYSADMIN / Oracle – SYS / Sybase – SA_ROLE / IBM DB2 – SYSADMDPA
DPA supported databasesFor a current list of supported databases, please refer to the DPA Admin GuideDPA
ServiceNow Integration (optional)Admin access to the ServiceNow instance to add the SolarWinds Integration App.
Port 443 open from the SolarWinds server to the ServiceNow instance.