Enterprise Operations Console (EOC)

TasksAssumptions & Dependencies
Create Users and Account LimitationsA list of Orion Administrators and Users has been provided; user roles and desired view limitations have been captured in the requirements phase. Accounts need to be created on all Orion environments that will be brought into EOC.
Add Orion instances to EOCA list of all Orion servers and an Admin Orion account will be required. Must use IPv4, there is currently no IPv6 support. If adding by hostname, the names must adhere to standard DNS naming conventions.
Generate MapsCurrent Visio drawings and/or geographic information for building maps is provided or alternate desired map views have been identified during the requirements phase.
Generate Custom ViewsThese can include maps, charts, summary lists, reports, events, and links to other resources. Having a general idea of what you'd like to see ahead of time will make the process much more efficient. Also, it's extremely important to have custom properties & groups already in place and populated in your Orion environments if you plan on utilizing them for filtering your EOC views.