The Loop1 Health-Check is scheduled in two parts:

  • The first session, Loop1’s engineer will be online reviewing the client environment and gathering needed data for the documented deliverable. A dedicated resourceis requested for this portion of the engagement but not mandatory, as long as a resource is available if needed and the Loop1 engineer has full administrative access into the SolarWinds and SQL servers.


  • The second session, Loop1’s engineer will discuss the findings from the first session assessments and consult on future options to make sure optimal setup and best practices are met. This time will also address any specific goals or expectations the client has for SolarWinds allowing for Loop1 and client to lay out a comprehensive plan for moving forward.


If it is an onsite engagement the client will need to provide the Loop1 Engineer a place to work for the first half of the day so he can prepare the health check documentation including recommendations for the client environment.