Log and Event Manager (LEM)

TasksAssumptions & Dependencies
Deploy LEM Agents for Event Log collectionNecessary system access for local install or credentials and access for remote install are provided.
Provision syslog data to LEMConfigure Sources to forward syslog data to LEM server as desired.
Generate AlertsEmail distribution group addresses for personnel receiving alerts and SMTP server settings have been provided.

Alert Recipients - know what individuals or Distribution Lists alerts will go to.
Build Example RulesDefine rules or actions for detected security events.
Assign Connector ProfilesProvide a list of all devices / servers for application of Connector Profiles.
Email AlertingIf email based alert actions are wanted, the LEM appliance must be given permissions within the client’s Exchange server or other email relay.
vCenter CredentialsEnsure the availability of credentials to allow for deployment of the virtual appliance via VMware vSphere or Microsoft Hyper-V. These credentials should allow for deployment of an OVF Template (VMware) or Importing Virtual Machine (Hyper-V).
SolarWinds Application AccessAdmin level access to the LEM web console and Admin level access to the LEM CMC console.