TasksAssumptions & Dependencies
Download SolarWinds product binariesPlease download all SolarWinds product binaries to the new servers prior to the engagement in the interest of saving valuable time for more critical tasks.
Migrate SQL DatabaseRequires SA rights on both MS SQL platforms to back up and then restore the database. Confirm disk space available for backup and restore of database.
Migrate ApplicationAdministrator rights on designated servers. Local administrator rights recommended. Administrator rights to the Orion system.
Transfer License KeysAccess to the SolarWinds customer portal for the purpose of obtaining current activation keys. If temporary keys are in use on the new SolarWinds servers, please note that the production license keys will need to be transferred prior to the 30-day temp license window expiring.

With all migrations, there will be an outage period during the changeover. The amount of time varies based on size of existing database, typically 1 hour.

For migrations where the new application server will have a new IP and hostname please refer to this link.

For migration where the application server will use the existing IP and hostname please refer to this link.

For migration of the SolarWinds database, please refer to the this link.