Orion Network Configuration Manager (NCM)

TasksAssumptions & Dependencies
Populate inventory from OrionOrion Database is fully populated with desired nodes for import.
Generate scheduled JobsSchedules have been defined for backup frequency, purge frequency; any other recurring jobs desired have been identified.
Generate policy reportsApplicable policies for compliance verification have been identified.
Enable Real Time Change Detection NotificationAppropriate email distribution lists have been identified, email server settings are defined, and syslog system to be used is defined.
Enable ApprovalsAppropriate user roles for staff are defined.
Build Connection ProfilesSSH /Telnet / SNMP credentials have been provided for all devices to be managed by NCM. Devices must be configured to allow the Orion server to communicate with the managed network devices via the preferred protocol.
Configure Cisco Smart Net Adviser ConnectorConnector has been downloaded from Customer Portal
Desired reports have been identified (list of available reports can be found