Orion Network Perfomance Monitor (NPM)

TasksAssumptions and Dependencies
Generate and populate custom properties.A list of desired custom property values has been created or determined during the review phase.
Create Users and Account LimitationsA list of Orion Administrators and Users has been provided; user roles and desired view limitations have been captured in the requirements phase.
Customize Dashboard and Menu BarsCustom menu bar links and dashboard views have been identified as part of the requirements phase.
Generate MapsCurrent Visio drawings and/or geographic information for building maps is provided or alternate desired map views have been identified during the requirements phase. Additionally, if World Map is desired, latitude and longitude for each site will be required.
Generate AlertsEmail distribution group addresses for personnel receiving alerts and SMTP server settings have been provided.

Alert Recipients - know what individuals or Distribution Lists alerts will go to

Escalation Procedures - Orion provides for alert escalation. If this is a desired feature, please have these available prior to the engagement.
Generate Reports, Configure Report SchedulerReporting requirements have been established during the requirements phase. Email distribution groups or addresses have been provided for Report Scheduler, and SMTP server settings have been provided.
Generate Custom MIB PollersCustom polling requirements have been established; the target device has been added to Orion and is accessible for verification of polled values.
Generate Pass-through Authentication with Active DirectoryDomain and user information is provided (Should the Client require pass-through authentication with Active Directory.)
Create DependenciesNecessary node and/or group relationships have been defined.
Quality of ExperiencePacket capture location(s) and/or network ports have been identified. For deployment considerations for QOE, please refer to this link
NetPath servicesNetPath probe locations and path definitions have been identified. For NetPath probe deployment requirements, please refer to this link
Configure F5 iControlA local account with F5 iControl API access as well as SNMP have been configured on F5 BIG-IP devices running TMOS version 11.6 and later. Please note that TACACS/Active Directory accounts are not supported.