Orion Server and Application Monitor (SAM)

TaskAssumptions & Dependencies
Creating Custom TemplatesDesired applications to be monitored have been identified as part of requirements phase.
Deployment of SAM agentsTarget servers have been identified, and a service account with adequate permissions for installation has been provided. Agent installation requires remote access to target servers; please refer to the SAM Admin Guide in the SolarWinds Success Center
Assignment of SAM templatesNecessary administrative credentials have been created for use by SAM job engine in performing data collection (Windows and/or Unix/Linux).
Define Application ThresholdsDefine thresholds for metrics such as CPU, Memory and/or Statistics related to monitored applications.
Configure Server Hardware Health collectionNecessary vendor SNMP or WBEM agents have been installed (Dell OpenManage, HP Insight, IBM Director)
Generate AlertsAlert Recipients - know what individuals or Distribution Lists alerts will go to.

Escalation Procedures - Orion provides for alert escalation. If this is a desired feature, please have these available prior to the engagement.

Email distribution group addresses for personnel receiving alerts and SMTP server settings have been provided.
Generate Reports, Configure Report SchedulerReporting requirements have been established during the requirements phase. Email distribution groups or addresses have been provided for Report Scheduler, and SMTP server settings have been provided.
Generate and populate custom properties.A list of desired custom property values has been created or determined during the review phase.
Create Users and Account LimitationsA list of Orion Administrators and Users has been provided; user roles and desired view limitations have been captured in the requirements phase.
AppInsight ApplicationsA list of MS SQL, MS IIS, and MS Exchange Mailbox servers and appropriate credentials have been provided.
Cloud instance monitoringAppropriate credentials have been provided for each instance. For supported instance types and credential requirements, please refer to this link