User Devise Tracking (UDT)

TasksAssumptions & Dependencies
Adding switches and ports to be monitored.A list of desired switches and ports to be monitored. SNMP communications must be enabled between the target devices and the Orion application server.
Adding Active directory servers for user tracking.A list of domain controllers and credentials with ‘Event LogReader’ permissions and access to the following WMI namespaces: CIMV2, directory, and RSOP have been provided.
Create UDT watch list (optional)Mac addresses of machines to be added to watch list.
Generate AlertsAlert Recipients - know what individuals or Distribution Lists alerts will go to.

Escalation Procedures - Orion provides for alert escalation. If this is a desired feature, please have these available prior to the engagement.

Email distribution group addresses for personnel receiving alerts and SMTP server settings have been provided.
Generate Reports, Configure Report SchedulerReporting requirements have been established during the requirements phase. Email distribution groups or addresses have been provided for Report Scheduler, and SMTP server settings have been provided.